Frequently asked questions

Here in our FAQ section you will find simple answers to frequently asked questions about MADE WITH LUVE. If you cannot find the answer to your question, simply get in touch with us. We will be happy to reply to you personally.

Are your products lactose-free?

Yes, our products are completely plant-based and therefore naturally lactose-free.

Why do your products contain water?

Water is contained in all foods. Just like milk, our products, as “milk alternatives”, have a water content of approximately 87%.

What is so special about your products?

With our completely plant-based products, we want to provide you with a tasty and valuable alternative to dairy products. LUVE is there for everyone – no matter whether due to a food intolerance or based on your personal philosophy. And the special thing about it is: we use the unique protein of the sweet lupin, which is very similar to milk protein and gives our products that delicious taste.

What is your packaging made of?

Our packaging is made of recycled cardboard and recyclable materials such as paper, plastic and aluminium, and meets all current food safety standards as well as our own ecological and economic objectives. This allows environmentally friendly and resource-saving recycling. And we are continuing to work on becoming just that little bit better.

Why do your Lughurts and desserts contain starch?

In order to ensure that the products have the desired consistency, it is necessary to use starch. It is very important to us that the starch we use is obtained from GMO-free corn.

Why do your products contain sugar?

Our products contain around 5% sugar, just like milk. This is required for the natural fermentation. Only in this way can we ensure the typical LUVE taste and the desired characteristics. The amount of sugar varies depending on the end product and flavour. This is partly due to the processed fruits, which naturally contain different amounts of fructose.

What do you use to sweeten your low-sugar Lughurts?

To ensure that our Lughurts with reduced sugar are just as delicious as our standard products, we use erythritol as a sweetener. This is obtained from GMO-free corn; it is totally calorie-free and has no effect on blood sugar or insulin levels.

Are your products suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers?

Our products can normally be perfectly incorporated into a balanced diet. If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, it is best to talk to your doctor or a dietician for expert advice and to rule out any possible risks, such as a lupin allergy.

Are your products suitable for diabetics?

If you have diabetes, we recommend discussing your diet with your doctor or dietician. They will help you to incorporate our products into you nutrition plan.

Are your products suitable for babies and children?

Our products contain lupin (see allergens). In rare cases, babies and young children may not yet be able to tolerate them. We therefore recommend only including MADE WITH LUVE in their diet from the age of 3. For detailed advice on “vegan nutrition for children” and “allergens”, please consult your paediatrician or a dietician.

Can I heat the LUVE drinks?

Yes, our drinks can be heated just like cow’s milk and used for cooking and baking. Incidentally, they can also be frothed up, for example for cappuccino.

Do your products contain allergens?

Our products contain lupin, which, just like wheat or soya, is an allergen that must be included in the labelling. Sadly, a small number of people are allergic to it. This mainly affects allergy sufferers who have a cross-allergy to other legumes. If you are unsure, it is advisable to take an allergy test with your doctor. All other traces of allergens that may be present in some products are marked on our packaging.

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